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Ivano Cheers Profile

Even if Ivano Cheers was born the 30th of November 1975 his real age for sure don’t show at all.

Ivano Cheers Stats

Height: 6 ft 0 (182 cm) – Weight (photoshoot ready): 192 lb (87 kg) – Body Type: Athletic, Fitness –
Morphology: Caucasian – Hair: Blonde – Eyes: Green

Ivano Cheers Model

ivano cheersIvano Cheers is for sure one of the most ductile and versatile model/actor of all in the world.
This is because Ivano Cheers is not just a simple photoshoot/commercial model and a fitness model but because he can act, he can perform, he can sing and play and he is an excellent stage actor too.
Beside been featured in several commercials and important shootings he’s been also involved in several big Hollywood productions as a body-double and before that stunt double.
Even if he built his fame way after the age of 35, Ivano has been always very active and prolific:
born in Italy with an English background he now lives in Curacao, a Caribbean island former Dutch Antilles.

He’s resume is now always more evolving into an acting career but he still carries on the passion for photoshoots and theater.

He’s very suitable for physical roles due to his body in perfect shape year around, despite his age, and his capacity to gain a lose weight in very short time.
He’s often called to body-double any James Bond event due to his lookalike-hood with Daniel Craig, yet he’s taking distances to that lately because he doesn’t want to be type casted all the times in that role.

Since the social media era begun he’s also an Instagram influencer (the official Instagram profile of Ivano Cheers is very big) and a very successful blogger.

Beside his own country he’s very well known in Countries such as Brazil, Romania and eastern countries like Russia and Ukraine.

His trademark are for sure his baby face and his Green Stone Green Eyes.

Ivano Cheers: how to contact him

ivano cheers lls

You can contact Ivano Cheers on his website www.ivanocheers.com, by contacting us, on the Ivano Cheers Facebook Page, and by checking out the Ivano Cheers Profile on ModelMayhem, the hub of the best models in the world.

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Notes: Ivano Cheers Spotted running in Miami